Who We Are

Veterans for the Community

The goal of the Wall of Vets is to end disparate allocation of city resources as well as improve livability and safety in Portland and surrounding communities.

Bio pic of Adam Winther

Adam Winther

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After briefly attending music school, I Joined the military at 20 and have lived all over the country. While in the Military I was an Aviation Structural Mechanic and Exotic Metals Welder (51C). I’m also a disabled vet and work every day to make sure that houseless and disabled veterans as well as our other vulnerable community members are given a voice and support. I became involved in civil rights, like many others, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent mistreatment of peaceful protestors. I have worked every day since to make our community one that all can feel included in while still holding those in power accountable for their failures to lead. I have lived in Oregon for 13 years now and Portland for 5 years. It has become my home and I truly love the people here. The sense of community is what keeps me going.

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India Wynne

Originally from Queens, NY. After graduating with a degree in Theology, I joined the Marine Corps. I served as an Aviation Electrician from 2000-2005 during Operation Enduring Freedom. A decade after I finished my enlistment, I was diagnosed with PTSD. Through the help of the VA and other Veterans, I was able to obtain a disability rating and benefits. I’ve since attended Portland State University, and received my BSW and my MSW. I now work as a Veteran Caseworker. Both in and out of work, I advocate for Veterans and their families. With the murder of George Floyd, my advocacy took a more assertive and grassroots approach. When Captain David called for a Wall of Vets to come out and protect the protestors, I didn’t hesitate to answer that call. It stirred a fire in me to see so many other Veterans out supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and being willing to put their bodies on the line for those who were bravely expressing their right to protest. As a Marine and a human being, it is my duty to be a bridge or a shield for marginalized communities. I love calling Portland my home. As long as there is a call to fight injustice, in whatever form it may take, I will be here to answer it.